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Aircraft Component Installation & Removal Hoist

A.P.U., Engine Components, Landing Gear Components, Battery, and Hydraulic Component removal and installation tasks are but a few of the applications for our specialty hoists. Our hoists are available in different configurations and capacities; and are approved for Boeing, Airbus, Douglas, and Regional Jet Aircraft Applications.

Rhine Air Inc. Ventilation & Respiratory Protection Equipment

Portable ventilation and respiratory protection equipment for aircraft fuel tank inspection and maintenance operations. Variety of product choices available to address specific airframe design and customer budgets.

SAVOX Communications Equipment

SAVOX (formerly Con-Space Communications) Hardline Fuel Cell Entry Kits contain the equipment necessary to provide safe, reliable, continuous two-way communications between a Safety Attendant and Confined Space workers.

Aircraft Recovery Ground Shoring Mats

The Aircraft Recovery Mats feature diamond plate tread to maximize traction and stability in all weather and ground conditions.


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